Colonoscopy is the clear imagining of the Lower gastrointestinal tract connecting the rectum and the large intestine. A colonoscopy is deliberated by many cancer experts to be the ideal method for diagnosing the colon cancer. The procedure of colonoscopy helps to figure out the early symptoms of colorectal cancer. Colonoscopy doctor further can see the tiny changes which are caused in bowel habits, abdominal pain, bleeding from the anus and weight loss. These symptoms are judged by a colonoscopy expert.

There are two main parts of the large intestine. One is called the colon and the other is called the rectum.

A regular screening of colonoscopy of a person should be started when he reaches the age of 50. Many symptoms exist which are inertial. These symptoms appear when someone has this disease in the family. Earlier if anyone has a family history of polyps, colorectal cancer or a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease. Colon cancer is one of the type of cancer which I curable but still, it has caused a higher number of deaths. The main reason is that people usually don’t take this disease seriously or even don’t go for diagnosis.

If the doctors do the process of colonoscopy with a clean hand, then the colon should get clean after the process. Before starting colonoscopy patients are told about the complete procedure of it and are given instructions in detail.

So it can be said that if the colonoscopy is performed by a professional rather than a non-professional then people can get rid of the dangerous disease.

Colonoscopy doctor And How They Check
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