Problems or issues related to the dental pulp are discovered and then treated by a root canal procedure. It is an alternative way which modern dental science has provided to treat tooth with a diseased pulp, which previously were simply removed. Thanks to the root canal treatment, teeth today can be saved.

The pulp is a part of the tooth that lies within it. It is the area between the crown of a tooth and the tip of a root that lies in the jaw bones. It is a soft tissue that comprises of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

When an injured pulp cannot repair itself, it begins to die. This occurs mostly due to a crack in a tooth or as a result of a deep cavity. As a result of these conditions, bacteria can enter the pulp region and cause infection within. If this condition is not treated, pus can build up inside forming what is called an abscess. This is a ‘pus-pocket’ that can harm the bone surrounding the tooth. The infected pulp can cause pain and swelling therefore it is required to be removed. The jaw bones can also be injured from byproducts of the infection. It is imperative to seek treatment; otherwise your tooth will have to be removed.

A root canal can be really expensive, so it important that you maintain good dental hygiene and take care of your dental health. The treatment will also require more than one visit to the endodontist.

Information on Root Canal Treatment
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