Florida drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed for individuals who do excessive drinking or alcoholics. There are some common treatments that most of the rehab programs use for treating alcoholism.    These treatments help the alcohol addicts to control the behaviour of compulsive alcohol seeking as well as its use. The treatment also addresses the issues of WHY you or your loved one drink that much.

The alcohol treatment can take place in different settings, forms and durations. As alcohol is a chronic problem that is characterised by occasional relapses, it is not enough to have short-term treatment goals. It is a long-term process that requires regular interventions along with regular monitoring.

Alcohol rehab typically includes three primary treatments:

  • Use of prescription medicines
  • Behavioural therapies ( like cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational reviewing or contingency management)
  • Combination of both

The choice of treatment or combination varies from individual to individual depending on their personal requirements.

Main goals of alcohol rehab

While each patient opting alcohol treatment have certain short and long term goals, all substance abuse programs usually have three general goals which include the following:

  • Reduction of substance abuse or maintaining a substance-free life
  • Improving multiple aspects of life quality
  • Preventing as well as reducing the probability of relapse

A complete diagnostic evaluation is conducted when you participate in alcohol rehab program. Several strategies are offered to the patients, alone or in combination, to overcome and control alcohol abuse. Depending on the types of technique, they can be treated individually or in groups.

What happens during alcohol rehab?
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